If I have extra requirements some days how can you help?+
How would I be able to track the vehicle?+
Would you provide any local Supervisor at the hub for daily coordination?+
How will I get the details of the vehicle which will be reporting on a daily basis?+
How much time would you take to provide replacements in case of vehicle break down?+
How would you calculate monthly kms and OT?+
How is the safety of goods ensured?+
What is the invoicing cycle?+
Do you charge GST?+
Do you provide labour/delivery boys as well?+
Do you also provide vehicles for inter-city movements?+
What are the type of vehicles you provide?+
Do you provide vehicles for less than 12 hrs?+
Would you charge extra if there are multiple delivery points or if it's a milk run?+
What would be the notice period to remove a dedicated vehicle?+
Would there be a contract signed for this engagement?+
What are the usual offerings you provide+
Would you allow the vehicles to be parked at night in our warehouse for night loading?+
What kind of support will you provide in case of a local union/ Mathari issue?+
How old will these vehicles be?+
How do I report an incident?+
Why choose TROCKO over others?+
What are the type of operations?+